"I use all the experiences, education and information I have to create a unique experience.
My FOCUS is to get to the ROOT of issues so your body can 'unwind' and heal."

Knowing the muscles, their function & cooperation with each other as well as occupation and recreational activities helps unravel the mystery of pain and dysfunction within the body.

What to CHOOSE?

Let's Journey Together...

Working with Shayla always has 3 aspects:

1) Orientation/Sharing - lets take a few minutes to discuss your health and your goals for the session.

2) 'Hands On' time - your paid time is actual hands on time- consultation portion is complimentary.

3) Self-Help Explanation for at home Maintenance ( i.e. Homework!)

In order for Shayla to be most effective, she will spend time discussing your unique goals and challenges. Each Session is unique to itself- responding to today's needs and your personal preferences.

Shayla has found that GOAL ORIENTED sessions reach GREATER RESULTS.

"Got an ACHE? - we've got your FIX"

Most of Shayla's clients choose the 90 minute session, this allows us enough time to work three problem areas well and usually leaves a few minutes to experience the unique deep relaxation of a 'Seven Point Neck and Back Release' to seal in the session. If you have only one specific area that needs attention try the "30 Minute Fix". This short and affordable option allows clients to meet Shayla and experience whether there is a good 'fit'.

There is not one therapist that will work for everyone- give Shayla a try and you will know in only ONE SESSION if she is the right therapist for you. A client and therapist must find harmonious synergy in order to have effective sessions and good results.

"Little Known Techniques, Longer Lasting Results"

Shayla has had the opportunity to study with some of the best teachers both here on Maui and on the Mainland. She has over 800 classroom hours of study and nearly 5 years of hands on experience as a professional licensed massage therapist. Since arriving in Maui, she became fascinated with the traditional wisdom of ancient Hawaiian healing bodywork known as lomi-lomi. The style of lomi lomi Shayla studied is a powerful therapeutic approach called 'Lomi Lomi Oluea' by Daniel Fowler. He combines over 20 years of study with various Hawaiian elders or 'kapuna' into an approach easy for the 'Western mind' to understand. This gentle, yet effective style of bodywork, is weaved into a ShaylaMassage for its beneficial aspects of traction, wave like motions, and the focus on opening the joints to allow heightened energy flow throughout the body.

The other main tool in my 'toolbox' is a little known sports technique called "STR" or Soft Tissue Release. This amazing technique gives fast, effective results by using a simple method that can be learned and even done at home! These techniques work to quickly affect soft tissue dysfunction. Some of my clients have said it is similar to a more famous active release technique called "ART" used by celebrities famous athletes across the country. Go to www.softtissuerelease.com to learn more about the technique I use.

A ShaylaMassage will usually include a combination of therapeutic lomi-lomi, STR and a smattering of other techniques as needed. Shayla has studied so many modalities that adding a few minutes of another strategic technique can often add just the right 'spice' to our session together to achieve lasting results- why not give a ShaylaMassage a try!

Therapeutic Massage is Shayla's DREAM PROFESSION-

She has a PASSION for bodywork and discovery along the path to Wellness.

Often we are unaware of how our daily life may be aggravating a chronic condition or how a new venture has caused an acute injury. By spending some quality time discussing ones current situation, more can be achieved. Take Deb, for instance, she came in due to a low back complaint. After learning a bit about how she sustained her injury- a near fall during a hike while she was still 2 hours from her car- I knew I had to look further. During the 'Hands On' portion we kept up communication, Shayla always checking in with Deb to see if any incremental change occurs with each technique applied. We discovered together that indeed her low back issues were originating on the opposite side of the body in the abdomen. Once the root was pinpointed, work could be targeted for more effective and lasting results.

"Body Shop for Weary Muscles"

"Where does it hurt?" "EVERYWHERE!"

How often have clients filling out Shayla's intake form joked when reaching the body map portion! You will be given a highlighter to mark your personal troubled areas on a map of the muscles of the body.

"Can I color the whole thing?!" many ask?!

If this sounds like you, go ahead and treat yourself to a 90 min or the 'Ultimate 2 hour ShaylaMassage' and let her work her 'magic' for over an hour of hands on work. Giving yourself at least 90 minutes to unwind and release your tensions allows Shayla time to investigate sources of trouble and thoroughly work all sides of the body including 'sideline' work if needed.

"Extraordinary FLOWS"... What's THAT?!?

There are 3 main 'recipies' used in traditional Acupressure to balance the body and its meridians. They are called Extraordinary Flows because the points used cross over several organ meridians during the session allowing access to a deeper level of the body's energy. There are 12 organ meridians in Chinese Theory, each running for 2 hours, beginning at a set hour of the day, every day. Insight can be gained if a client is experiencing consistent issues at the same time of day repeatedly. For instance, a client was having trouble with sleep, waking up every night at 5 a.m. and unable to find sleep again until about 7 a.m.. This did not come as a surprise to Shayla since he had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and this is the exact time the lung meridian runs.

The 'Extraordinary' flows are best described in a pamphlet put out by the Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA (www.acupressure.com) "These differ from the organ meridians in that they do not flow continuously; they flow only when necessary. The Extraordinary Channels function as the body's master balancing mechanism, being reservoirs of energy with can drain excesses or supply depletions of energy within the organ meridians."

The 3 main Flows are:

1) Regulatory:

Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, CA states this channel "balances both Yin and Yang meridians affecting the internal organs, blood, and body temperature. It nourishes the immune system and harmonizes the emotions." Used for minor ailments such as cold or flu, stress disorders such as insomnia and shoulder pain, emotional imbalances such as depression or nervousness, and joint pain due to weather changes. It is not as good a choice for chronic problems.

2) Central:

Acupressure Institute characterizes the Central Channel as "the most primary and ruling energy channel of the body and soul vital to the well being of the individual. It is used for pain in muscles, tendons and bones, stiff neck, and knee pain". Since it addresses the chakras directly, it balances Kundalini including the Spirit and Emotions. It directly benefits the spinal column and balances both sides of the body.

3) Bridge:

Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, CA states that it "mainly balances the amount of CHI used by each meridian and governs the body's energy reserves stored in the kidneys. It benefits the shoulder, hip and ankle joints, and regulates muscular activity. This channel also facilitates communication between upper and lower body, connecting the head and the heart, helps to ground the energy. The channel is traditionally associated with balancing aggression, fatigue, depression, grief, low back aches and circulation of life force."

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"Knowledge and Compassion working together yield greater results"

Photo by Joanne West