Shayla has been involved in the Healing Arts for most of her adult life. Her experience, dedication and passion for helping others heal, make her an ideal therapeutic choice. ShaylaMassage is a comprehensive therapeutic 'session' utilizing a broad range of techniques; each session is tailored to the individual's needs, unique to the current circumstances of that day.

"My goal is to get my clients feeling looser and freer
leading to more energy and less discomfort."

Shayla's main focus is to create flexibility in, and elogation of, troubled muscles allowing the body to find it's own homeostasis. This environment offers space for organic repair and renewal.

"I believe it is helpful to have a guiding philosophy in ones practice"

Shayla holds a deep seated belief in the body's own wisdom and its extraordinary ability to heal. "I believe in the miracle of rejuvenation and the wonder of recovery. Much like a small cut can close, scab and heal - larger soft tissue issues can also recover and return to an original unblemished state."

It is becoming better known how beneficial massage is to our body and its systems including improved circulation and relief from tight, injured and sore muscles. What is less known is that there exists massage techniques that can PROMOTE repair, thus creating an environment for permanent improvement in painful soft tissues, even years old.

I believe the Hawaiians hold great wisdom passed down through the generations

Hawaiians were an amazing complex and refined society when Western contact was made. Being isolated on an island, they knew well, how to heal and balance themselves. There was harmony and aloha between the people and the land that supported them. 'Kahuna', or experts in their field, were nurtured in their particular art form begining at a very young age. There were Kahuna in every art form from canoe making to bodywork. I have had the priveledge to study with some wonderful teachers here on Maui; I thank my 'kumu' and friend Kimo, for sharing the heart of Hawaiian healing and Daniel Fowler for his teachings of 'Lomi-Lomi Oluea'.

Let us explore the Mystery of Hawaiian Healing
and the Power of Aloha

Ancient Art of Acupressure
can lead to deeper and more lasting results

The ancient art of acupressure also plays a significant role in her work, helping the body recconect to its source and remember its original state of health. Shayla incorporates acupressure into nearly every massage therapy session, however, full sessions of acupressure are a real treat. Jin Shin (acupressure) has four core "extraordinary flow" patterns that help realign the body meridians and balance the physical and psyche. (See menu portion of this site for more information)

I began my journey following in my mother's footsteps of a huge heart

Mom was a professional alcoholism counselor and mother of seven children. My mom ingrained in me a love for self healing and the beauty of education. Through the years I have had training in energy work such as Jin Shin Jyutsu, Therapeutic Touch and Emotional Release. Eventually I felt the need to learn more in order to help people even further, and became interested in anatomy, physiology and clinical massage techniques.

My formal training includes Swedish Massage; Sports Massage; Lomi Lomi Oluea- Hawaiian Therapeutic Bodywork; Deep Tissue Massage; Clinical Massage; Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Pregnancy Massage, Hand Foot, and Ear Reflexology; Aromatherapy; Functional Bodywork; Medical Massage and active sports Soft Tissue Release (STR).

Photo by Joanne West